Process for Additions…

Prices for additions changes and maintenance

Affordable, Ongoing Costs

You may wish to add extra pages to your website, add more functions or even change the look and feel altogether. At Novel Websites, we are more than happy to help.

Extra Pages

If you wish us to edit an existing page on your website our charges from £10 per page depending on complexity.

If you wish to add a new page, our fees are £10 – £25, again, depending on complexity.


You may wish to add new functions to your website such as MailChimp or a PayPal button. The new feature plugins are available from as little as £25 each. If you wish to expand your site why don’t you give us a call.

Back Ups

You should request that we perform periodic backups of your website. If your site died due to software failure or hackers, we can restore it to how it looked on day one, but you would lose anything changes or blogs that you have written.

Periodic backup £5 each.
A restore from a backup file is £25



WordPress and the plugins that are used to give the site extra functionality, are automatically updated on a monthly basis. Our websites are automatically updated for your convenience and safety.

Even though we strive hard to make your life as trouble-free as possible, the software can break down or you could be hacked.

After the sites first year anniversary the maintenance is not included. We have opted for a ‘Pay As You Go’ option as we feel it is fairer to you the client. If your website requires maintenance after your twelve-month anniversary of your initial deposit, we will have to charge you. The Fee will be on average be between £15 – £25.

If we become aware of issues in the future, we will inform you of the situation and ask how you wish for us to proceed. We like to use the car and garage analogy if your car breaks down after the warranty period you have to pay to get it fixed. Your website is the same.

Future books

Adding new books to your site is easy and we will show you show how, or if you prefer, we can do it for you for a nominal fee.