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Literary Clients Each client takes us on a fantastic journey as we discover their literary masterpieces, their dreams and experiences. We collectively feel enriched by each undertaking that we share with a client. Please note, many of our clients edit their sites themselves, they may no longer look quite how we intended.

A. Johnson

Alan Johnson is a British Labour Party politician who served as Home Secretary from June 2009 to May 2010.  Replaced his old website Alan Johnson

F. Evans

Fay writes delightful children’s books. New website build Fay Evans

O. Odebunmi

A published author, with a new series called Threads of Fate. Olli wished to replace an old site with something younger looking. Ollie Odebunmi

M. Boncek

Marianna is a popular multi genre author based in America. The site is hosted on our Chicago servers. New website build. Marianna Boncek

B. Mela

Is the author of The Post Chaise Chronicles, a series based in 18th century England and the intrigues of Whitehall and the turmoil of Europe.  New website build Brad Mela

P. Turner

Paige writes across a variety of genres, but prefers to concentrate on her crime / mystery series featuring Private Investigator Olivia Watts. Also dabbling in poetry. Paige Elizabeth Turner

W. Long

A published author, with a new series called Time Crack. Bill wished to replace an old site with something younger looking. William Long

J. Mark

Jonathan is the author of The Barnabas Trilogy, book one is starts during the Battle of Crete in 1941 and ends in 2005. Jonathan Mark

F. Holland

A newly published author her book is about the Suffolk village of Bullenden, it is the setting for this comic and bittersweet tale of peccadilloes, consequences and lemon drizzle cake. Fiona Holland

E. Maher

Estelle has written a compelling novel, ‘Grace and the Ghost’ is about an unusual friendship between Grace, and the recently passed Crowley. It takes them on a journey that changes them forever. Estelle Maher

S Pickles

This is the story of Sarah, she is married and a mother, in 2014, her life changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A heart wrenching, yet positive approach to fighting cancer. Sarah Pickles

P. N. Burrows

My author website. The Mineran Series follows Sam Shepard who stumbles upon aliens in North Wales. He becomes embroiled in events that stretch across space, endangering him every step of the way. P N Burrows

J. M. Moore

Is the author of the Rucksack Tales, which are bedtime stories for lovers of the Lake District—particularly walkers. Jeanette requested a new author website with a photo gallery J M Moore

M. Harris

David has been writing for ten years, his latest series the Lomax Gold Mine Series is set in a small town in Ghana, West Africa which exists for no other reason than to mine gold. This series is based on David’s own life experience. Mendus Harris

C. Capper

Claire has started a children’s series about an armadillo called Arnie. New website build. Claire Capper

M. P. Winson

Is a new author who is writing a quirky and mysterious fiction series whose main character suffers from nocturnal epilepsy. Mark requested a new author website. M. P. Winson

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