Frequently Asked QuestionsTo answer some of your questions on how to purchase an author website, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions below:

How much does an author website cost?
We use a flat fee of £425 for Author websites, this is substantially less than we charge business for sites. As authors ourselves we know how much it costs to produce and market a book.
How long will it take to create?
On average it takes two weeks to create a website, longer if we have to wait for details from you.
Is the site easy to edit afterwards?
Yes, WordPress is the most commonly used and most supported platform out there. Not only will we give you several phone tutorials on how to edit your website, but there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube.
How many books can I add?
As many as you want to, we do not limit your website.
Will I be on the first page of Google?
No one can guarantee this, we install special software to assist your google placement and we will discuss best practice to you. Google has a guide called 'Search Engine Optimization' which is freely downloadable from them.
When Is Payment Required?
A 50% deposit is required before we start your author website. You can pay either by Bank Transfer or PayPal (Sadly we have to pass on the 3.4% PayPal Fee if you choose this method).
Will you edit my site for me?
We strive to make the author websites as easy to self-edit as possible. If you wish us to update or change the site we are happy to do so for a nominal fee.
Can I use any picture that I find on Google
NO! This is a common mistake that many new bloggers make and it can lead to prosecution. Every picture on the Internet belongs to someone and they retain the copyright. You can buy premium pictures from site such as: or there are a few generous image sites that offer free photos like
Do you only create websites for UK Authors?
We have hosting servers in Chicago as well as London, so we are more than happy to create sites for fellow authors from America.
When should I buy my site?
You will want your website address to be printed in the back of your book. The best time to instruct us is after you have had your book cover created and before the book goes to press.
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