BookBub Ads Expert: A Marketing Guide to Author Discovery: 3

BookBub Ads Expert: A Marketing Guide to Author Discovery: 3

This book has saved me a fortune with my Bookbub adverts. It is written in a friendly fashion and is easy to understand.

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About the Book

From the author of Let’s Get Digital and Strangers to Superfans comes a guide to advertising on the world’s hottest book marketing platform: BookBub Ads.

*Create attractive ad images to turn browsers into buyers.
*Optimize your targeting to attract the right readers.
*Manage your bids effectively to drive more sales for less money.
*Learn when to run your BookBub campaigns for maximum impact.
*Boost discovery of your books and improve visibility.
*Train the retailers to recommend your books to the right customers.
*Turbocharge series sales to dominate the charts with multiple books simultaneously.

BookBub Ads Expert will teach you everything you need to know, from what makes a killer ad to discovering your comparable authors so you can improve your targeting. It gives you a step-by-step guide to creating your first ads and shows you how to optimize your campaigns until you are achieving excellent results.

Not only that, this guide will also show you how to level up and truly master the platform, with tons of strategic advice on how to use BookBub Ads to support launches, promote backlist, create an international audience, push an entire series, or build up your readership at any retailer. You will also learn a series of ninja tricks and killer moves to help take your sales to the next level.

EXTRA RESOURCES INCLUDED: All purchasers of this book get access to a special set of free resources to help you master BookBub Ads including a gallery of winning images, detailed optimization advice, case studies, and a place to ask questions too!

Praise for BookBub Ads Expert:

“David Gaughran knows more about book marketing than anyone on the planet. He’s always on the cutting edge of what’s working in a market that is constantly changing. Skip his wisdom at your peril.”–USA Today bestselling author Ernest Dempsey

“Gaughran’s at it again: making my question my whole marketing strategy. He somehow always knows more than the rest of us, but he always swoops in to spoon-feed us tasty morsels of marketing brilliance like a giant, beautiful mama marketing bird. With BookBub Ads Expert, there’s one exception: it’s not just a tasty morsel–it’s an entire eight-course meal!”–USA Today bestselling author Nick Thacker

I’m so happy with what I learned in this book that as soon as I finished the digital version, I went and bought the paperback version so I could reread it and mark it up with stickies and highlights. Thank you, David Gaughran, for doing all the hard work up front.”–USA Today bestselling author AL Knorr

“Another winner – everything you need to set up successful ads.”–Chris Syme, author of the SMART Marketing series and host of the Smartypants Book Marketing Podcast

Table of Contents

1. How BookBub Ads Work
2. General Strategy
3. Two (or Three) Ingredients For Success

4. Attractive Images
5. Discriminate Targeting
6. CPM Bidding

7. Creating Clickworthy Images
8. Generating Author Targets
9. Bidding To Be The Boss

10. Building A Test Campaign
11. Evaluating Results
12. Tweakers Of The World Unite

13. When To Use BookBub Ads
14. Running A Promo
15. Tackling Problems

16. Also Bought Insurance
17. Get Out Of Jail Free
18. Filling The Funnel

19. Turbocharge Series Sales
20. Riding The Launch Slipstream
21. Do It Again (And Again)

Genre: Books For Authors
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Ebook & Paperback
Length: 232
ASIN: B07P57V38D
ISBN: 9789187109324
List Price: £11.99
eBook Price: £3.49
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